Training Videos

Get started with our quick tutorials

User Profile Setup

How to setup your user profile

Practice & Account Setup

Setup your practice and account 

Create Rooms or Clinics

How to create rooms or clinics

Creating Users

How to create users

Setting up Currency

How to set up currency

Adding a Patient

How to add a patient

Booking Appointments

How to book appointments

SMS Configuration

Customize your SMS messages

SMS Recall

How to set up SMS recall reminders

Patient Medical History

How to fill out your patient's medical background

Patient Teeth Chart

How to use Dentiflow's teethchart

Patient Treatment Plan

Process of creating one or multiple treatment plans

Managing Operations

manage and customize day-to-day operations

Adding Patient Notes

How to add notes or images with notes

Creating Patient Prescriptions

How to create, manage and save patient perscriptions

Adding X-Rays & Images

How to add X-Rays and images to your patient files

Creating Quotations

How to create and manage your patient's quotations

Creating Patient Invoice

How to create patient invoices and receive payments

Creating Contacts Vendors

How to add contacts such as vendors

Creating Vendor Expenses

How to create expense invoices and make payments for your contacts

Accounting & Billing Reports

How to manage and view all your accounting and billing reports

Homepage & Dashboard

Features of Dentiflow's homepage/dashboard

Managing Stock

How to add, manage and track your inventory from the stock dashboard

Purchase Orders

How to create purchase orders

Linking & Tracking Inventory

How to create, manage, link and track your stock, purchase orders and expense invoices