• How do I get started?

    After requesting a demo, our sales team will contact you and show you the system, at the end of the demo a trial account will be created for you in which you’ll get your hands on all the options in the system and have an idea on how it works. After the trial period ends, if you would like to continue, the trial account will become your real account!

  • If I need help using the software, how can you provide it?

    Our technical support team would be available to help by phone, E-mail, and WhatsApp during office hours.

  • How can I deactivate my account?

    Simply send us an email at support@dentiflow.com and the deactivation process will start. The service will be available until the last day of subscription.

  • Can I import my data to the system? Will my data get regular backups?

    Yes, it’ll be best if a sample is provided to us so we can check if the data could be imported to Dentiflow. Our system will automatically and regularly backup your data.


  • How secure is dentiflow?

    Keeping your data safe and private is of highest concern to us.
    We have utilized a range of security and encryption techniques on all access routes to ensure that your data is secure. All data transmission including uploads, downloads, and browsing is converted using 256-bit AES protocol. Passwords stored in the Cloud are always encrypted.

    The servers where your data is stored, is not publicly visible and can only be accessed by the application.
    Our employees do not have access to your data in any way.
    Accessing Dentiflow using your browser is just as safe as conducting a banking transaction.

  • Can I upload my radiographs?

    Yes, Dentiflows image manager is designed to safely move your images from your local computer to the cloud. It allows you to take notes and keep track of every procedure.

  • Which browsers are supported by Dentiflow?

    Google chrome and Safari are supported by Dentiflow. Chrome is the most recommended one.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade to different plans halfway through?

    You can easily upgrade or downgrade to different plans based on your needs without suffering any downtime or extra charges.

  • Can i purchase extra SMS messages??

    Yes, you can definitely purchase extra SMS messages whenever you need to. We offer different packages based on the country.

  • Can I add multiple clinic areas into the system?

    Dentiflow's system lets you add as many clinics as you please, and gives you the advantage to manage every clinic all in one platform.