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Manage every aspect of your clinic, covering patient records storage, dental charting,
scheduling, and billing in an intuitive manner.

Here’s Why Dentiflow is the Right Choice for your Practice

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Personalize your calendar to fit your schedule

Whether you’re a single practitioner starting off, or a well established polyclinic, you will find the SmartCalendar loaded with features that every dental practice needs, from color-coded appointments to multiple-clinic support and automated reminders.

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Keep track of patient records

You no longer need large storing cabinets! With a simple click, you can access patient's medical history, work on their treatment plans, and set important followup recalls. All your patient records are stored on our HIPPA compliant servers, enforcing the security you need to protect your patient's privacy.

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Follow up with your financial insights

No one enjoys bookkeeping and going through piles of bills, but those days are now behind you! Our EasyBilling and StockTracker offer you a dynamic and compelling way to manage your invoices, keep an eye on your stock, and easily track your cashflow/revenues & expenses.

A user friendly dental solution that helps to organize your schedule and gives you more time to invest in useful tasks. Above all, customer service is optimal.
Dr. Chantal Mhanna
When I started using Dentiflow, I realized how it made my work super easy, simple and fast. It’s an all-in-one platform!
Dr. Elie Jbaily Jdent Clinic
Dentiflow has helped me to manage my time effortlessly in a digitalized solution that is user friendly and very efficient.
Dr. Karl Karam Karam’s Clinic
My review for this software is definitely a 5 star! Dentiflow will change your day to day dental experience with it’s huge number of advantages. Definitely a game changer!
Dr. Michel Matta
My favorite advantage of Dentiflow is the flexibility to access from wherever I want. It is a very reliable and comprehensive system, which helped me in many ways. Never faced any issues.
Dr. Amine Fattal Ortho Clinic
Dentiflow is a must-have software! Its billing feature helps you to save more money and keeps track of your finances.
Dr. Hassan Jamoul
Dentiflow gave me the freedom to access my records anytime, anywhere! It helped me organize my appointments, bills, patient records with a click of a button.
Dr. Lara Nakhoul
Dentiflow is a great system that transforms your clinic digitally. Experience an effortless practice paper free! Try it for yourself and see the difference.
Dr. Rama Ghotmi
Dentiflow helped our clinic to get more organized and improved the way we approach our patients.
Dr. Dany Haber Dentistry clinic
Dentiflow has made my dental practice more effective! From organizing the clinics schedule to reminding patients for their check-ups, and much more. All of this made all of our team work in synchronization and harmony.
Dr. Ibrahim Chehade Dr. Ibrahim Chehade clinic
Before Dentiflow my team and I were drowning in endless patient files and paperwork. I was pleased to find a high quality system that would solve all my problems, it gave me the freedom I needed and allowed me to follow up on my business remotely and be in full control. Without this software, we’re in chaos.
Dr. Shadi El-Masri Serena Dental Clinic
Dentiflow has simplified my practice by managing appointments, bills and invoices, reminding patients of their sessions and organizing every file all in one place.
Dr. Hanine Nassar H.Nassar's Clinic

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