Recall System

Start improving your follow-ups with your patients

  • What is a Recall System?

    The average practice has thousands of lost and overdue patients. Getting these patients back requires a system that is comprehensive enough for the job.When you consider how many patients cancel or move their appointments, fail to get re-appointed for their next hygiene visits or simply fall out of your schedule – it’s no mystery how significant numbers of patients become lost. To start, lost patients in practice management software systems are not easy to find. Staff can spend hours trying to locate patients and put together lists that are time-consuming and cumbersome.

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  • Why should I use it?

    Improving Patient Recall Increases Practice Profitability. Having an effective recall system in place is one of the primary concerns of running a dental practice today.

  • 80% of your practice revenues depend on it!

    A robust recall system will take you from struggling to thriving, finally making you the proud owner of a successful, profitable dental practice.

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