Inventory Management

Dentiflow's StockKeeper® - Your personal inventory manager!

  • Why Inventory Management?

    A Dental office has lots of items, and the list of supplies can be overwhelming. All clinics face issues related to items orders, traceability, inventory evaluation, different distributors, consumption evaluation of some items, export of payment details to accountancy, and a lot of other issues.
    Someone has to be in charge of keeping the inventory under control. A protocol for inventory control must exist in every office, placing a standard way to order, keeping a preferred vendor list, keeping track of items' availability, etc.
    Dentiflow's StockKeeper® is an inventory management module that is tailored for dental offices needs, similar to other Dentiflow Modules, it automates most of the tasks related to stock keeping that brings the advantages of having the most efficient control with less effort and time spending!

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  • Dentiflow's StockKeeper®

    Whether you keep stock items or only utilize materials, keeping inventory is a very hard and time-consuming task!
    While every dental office is different, they all have inventory control-needs that have to be set up and managed. Dentiflow StockKeeper is fully customizable to meet any clinic requirement. Categorize your items the way it works for your clinic, add items, define a default supplier for an item and keep a list of your suppliers
    Create purchase orders with a single click, the StockKeeper keeps track of your orders, from the moment is is created until it is received, and it automatically updates your inventory accordingly!
    The StockKeeper also integrates with Dentiflow's EasyBilling, easily transform your orders into invoices and payables with zero effort! What's even better is that your supplier will have a profile of all activities orders, invoices, and payments easily accessible from a single place.
    All items could be linked to your clinic dental operations, once a linked operation is marked as done, the StockKeeper updates your inventory accordingly! All while keeping a log of all the activities and even sends warnings when your supply is low.

    •  Fully customized inventory software solution for dental clinics
    •  Track inventory throughout each stage of the ordering process, delivery, and use
    •  Integrates with Dentiflow's EasyBilling
    •  Integrates with Dentiflow's Treatment Plans and Dental Operations
    •  Easy-to-use search function to find products when you need them
    •  Compatible with any vendor (New Dentiflow's Contacts)
    •  Improve inventory management by linking all aspects of operations in one system

  • Purchase Orders
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