• Effective Statements

    Dentiflow produces easy-to-understand and professional statements that are more likely to solicit full payment with clear and concise details. They also feature an easy-to-find balance, payment and expenses instructions

  • billing feature
  • Why should I use it?

    The billing module helps your practice in maximizing revenues through effective support, which simplifies billing as much as possible. You can easily set a reminder for different patient payments. Some of these bill reminders allow you to easily manage your account details and also track your expenses in weekly, monthly or yearly. You can also use them as expense tracker to get your daily expenses. Bill reminder and expense tracking allow you to easily track your clinic's cash flow.

  • Invoice where and whenever

    You don’t have to be tied to a single device that has your software on it. All you need is a web connection to access the cloud.Dismiss the all-day event for software installations, incorrect serial numbers and long drawn out phone calls with customer support. Just log in and start securely billing.

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